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Ting is a pianist/ composer/ arranger who holds a Diploma in piano performance. A seasoned performer, he has performed at many public events and was the resident keyboardist for:

Reddot Brewhouse Boat Quay - 2016 - 2019

Shuffle - 2019 - 2020

Pursuing his interest in songwriting and productions, he is now an exclusive songwriter with HIM international participated and achieved results at competitions such as:

16th XQRJ songwriting competition - Winner

Impresario 2016 - 1st Runner up
HIM 17th Global songwriting competition - 2nd Runner up

Some of the songwriting and production works that he has been involved in includes: 

BGM for The Ferryman - iQiyi International

妮妮 - 那对夫妻

孤独门口 - Gin Lee 李幸倪
工蟻不怕 - Jocie Guo 郭美美
想对你讲 - 洪俊扬

扭转乾坤 - 李国煌 King Kong Media Productions

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