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Charmaine (revuhrie)

Charmaine, better known by her social media alias “revuhrie”, is a young singer with years of experience. Charmaine has gained immense popularity for her ethereal singing videos, in which she performs songs in English and Mandarin whilst playing either the guitar or piano. As a self-taught musician, Charmaine has a keen passion for music, a quality that is evident in her live performances. 

Over the years, Charmaine has performed at venues of varying sizes and diverse audiences. These include weekly performances at bars, smaller and more intimate wedding parties in restaurants, and bigger wedding events held in ballrooms. 

Charmaine’s musical abilities have garnered her more than 54 thousand followers and 2 million likes on TikTok. This has given her the opportunity to collaborate with numerous high-profile brands, including Disney, Universal Music Group, Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and UOB Group, creating covers and promotional content to share with her audience.

Charmaine’s strong suit lies in her wide vocal range as well as her vast range of song genres, including jazz standards, pop songs, 80’s music and Mandopop, among others. Charmaine is remarkably adept at vocal runs and musical creativity, making every song sound like her own.

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