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A music enthusiast, Mark is a lyricist/songwriter/music arranger/ keyboardist with a huge portfolio of published works to his name.

Starting out with Classical piano, he penned his first song at the early age of 9. His first published work came more than 2 decades ago, with his song 《灰飛煙滅》featured in  陳曉東's《Perfect Love》album in 2003.

By 2005, he clinched best lyrics awards in a local XinYao Festival competition as well as Music Express 飛樂時空創作比賽 in Singapore.

Pursuing his enthusiasm in performing, he participated in the popular《非常Superband》as a Keyboardist in his band and finished in the top 4 rankings in 2008. 

More works were to follow and some of his arrangement portfolio includes the following songs:

  • 郭采潔 《煙火》

  • Alin 《分手需要練習的》

  • 劉璇 《愛的剪接手》

  • 鄭展倫 《期待》

  • 蘇智誠 《男人可貴》

  • 蔡艾珈 《體會》

  • 蔡艾珈 《不了心疼》

  • 劉志文 《不是真的愛我》

  • 劉志文 《感覺你的存在》

His songwriting portfolio includes the following songs:

  • 何維健 《咬字》

  • 何維健 《克羅地亞的天空》 

  • 辛曉琪 《空窗》 

  • 賴雅妍 《直覺》(偶像劇《美味關係》插曲)

  • 陳曉東 《灰飛煙滅》 

  • 許慧欣/潘瑋儀 《陪你等天亮》

  • 蘇智誠 《男人可貴》(電視劇《企鵝爸爸》主題曲) 

  • 蔡艾珈 《體會》 

  • 卓瑞玲 《一個屋簷下》

  • 內地歌手 《橡皮擦》 

  • 音樂寶箱 《我們的天空》 

  • 新謠節 《廚房》 

  • 新謠節 《跑吧孩子》

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