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Hui Shan

Starting out as a songwriter, Huishan has participated and won several song-writing competitions. She then explored her other capabilities and branched out into singing, hosting and voice-overs.

She is a member of a few local bands - 奶油排骨饭 (Butteribs), 木头人 (MuTouRen), 星一天 (Band New Day) and 威乐斯大乐队 (Venus). Her performing experiences include leading her group 杂叭琅 to top 8 in Superband 2008, emerging as 1st runner-up in Xinyao singing competition 2010, as well as performing for various events by renowned organisations such as MediaCorp, Asia Pacific Breweries (Guinness) and National University of Singapore.

She has participated in Global SpringWave Awards 2014 with band 木头人, entering the semi-final round held in Kenting, Taiwan. 木头人 was also invited to perform at Esplanade Huayi Festival in 2015.

Huishan is the backing vocalist of 威乐斯大乐队, an award-winning Getai band which played for various concerts and shows including 2 seasons of Getai Challenge (broadcasted on MediaCorp Channel 8).

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