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Elton Lee

Elton is an aspiring Singaporean Mandopop singer-songwriter. He began his songwriting career when sold his first song《IS THIS ALRIGHT 这样好吗》, for Singapore Mediacorp Drama 「House of Fortune 钱来运转」.

In 2017, he was crowned champion in the "SG:SW 我写我的歌 I Write My Song" Songwriting Competition with his emotional pop ballad 《PLEASE REMEMBER ME 请你记得我》.

Elton is a highly sought-after singer-songwriter due to his vocal abilities and mature keyboard playing skills. His songwriting abilities have opened doors for collaborations with international songwriters in the industry. His voice has graced the tracks of OSTs, including《BECAUSE OF YOU 因为你》,《HEAVEN TEARS 天空的眼泪》in【神奇之吻 网路剧原声带】,《LOVE REST 恋之憩》,《FORGETTING THE PAST 遗忘过去》,《A SONG FOR YOU 写一首歌给你》 in 【起飞 原声歌曲特辑】etc.

Some of the Mediacorp soundtracks that he has written for include《CAPPUCCINO 卡布基诺》, 《ASYMMETRICAL LOVE 不对称的爱情》, 《DON’T SURRENDER 别投降》etc.

In 2022, his composition 《IRONY 反话》was nominated for “Best Theme Song 最佳主题曲" in the highly anticipated Star Awards 2022.

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