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Chriz Tong

Chriz released her first self-titled studio album in 2007, showcasing her unique vocals and versatility in an eclectic mix of pop rock, ballads & R&B. In her illustrious career she has performed on numerous stages, played with world class bands & orchestras at countless venues, sang for the President and headlined sell-out concerts.

Chriz began lending her voice to many MediaCorp TV drama theme songs since 2012, prompting the media to crown her as “新一代主题曲女王” (The Queen of Theme Songs). Her most notable works include “甘榜情”, “真善美”, “啡情歌”, “爱情风险” and “静静看着你”. Her partnership with Mediacorp TV earned her 3 nominations for Best Theme Song in the Star Awards over the years.

Chriz continued to push herself further by venturing into the world of musical theatre. Since her stage debut in Toy Factory Productions’ “唯一 (Innamorati)” in 2014, she became a constant fixture in the local theatre scene. From starring in “雨季 (December Rains)” as the leading lady “丽卿 Li Qing”, to playing a “歌台” singer in the “Getai Musical”, to becoming one of Broadway Beng’s “Chiobu”, Chriz her proven herself a true chameleon.

Post pandemic, she has found her way back to the stage again performing alongside industry veterans in “时光 演唱会” and “December Rains The Concert” by IMC Live Global. Chriz is always looking for new ways to hone her craft and eagerly awaits her next adventure.

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