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Belle is an accomplished actor with over a decade of experience both on screen and on stage. One of Belle’s most notable roles was as part of the main cast in Jack Neo's movie "Ah Girls Go Army," as Recruit Joey Tay, where Belle’s performance received critical acclaim. Over the course of Belle’s career, she has honed her skills in acting and storytelling, allowing them to connect with audiences in a profound way.
Beyond acting, Belle is also a talented linguist, with fluency in English, Mandarin, and Korean. Having been part of the translation team for Korean celebrities Song Joongki and Park EunBin, further demonstrating her proficiency in language and communication.In addition to acting and translation work, Belle has also showcased her versatility as a host, emceeing events ranging from D&Ds to corporate, weddings, and community events. Her dynamic and engaging presence has made her a sought-after talent for event hosting.Belle is also adept at voiceovers, lending her voice to various projects across different mediums such as Vaseline and Jteam Production Event Videos. With a commanding and distinctive vocal quality, Belle’s voiceovers are known to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

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