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Alina started learning piano when she was 5 and has attained ABRSM Grade 8 Practical Musicianship. An experienced keyboardist, she has played in numerous events and competitions and most recently held a keyboardist role at a local bistro Tittle Tattle.


An established songwriter, Alina has previously been an exclusive songwriter with Touch Music Publishing and has published her originals with various artistes including:

  • 郭美美《寂寞》

  • 郭曉東 《可樂》

  • 陳昱志&梁嘉玲《慢慢》 (中文網絡音樂劇《寫給夢想的歌2》 原聲帶)

  • Amanda Germaine Lee 《聚光》

  • 金剛媒體藝人《牛Year牛轉乾坤》

  • 金剛媒體藝人《Woo虎好運到》

  • 李國煌&賴宇涵 《謝謝你給我一個家》

  • 蘇穩璋《守候》

    Some of her songwriting competition experiences includes:

  • 2019 心情溶劑新馬創作比賽亞軍 《如果我有你的樂觀》

  • 2018 SG:SW 中文歌曲創作節48強《Oppa 跟我走》

  • 2016 Impresario 創作組冠軍 《我一直在想你》

  • 2016 心情溶劑新馬創作比賽季軍《第三者》

  • 2014 NEA Eco Music Challenge 10強 《A Brand New Day》

  • 2014 心情溶劑新馬創作比賽10強 《幸福航走》

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